Imagine a completely bespoke exercise experience.

You time!  Without interruptions or distractions.

In our private exercise studio.

Maximum 1 –  2 clients in the studio per session.

We specialize in creating health and fitness solutions for what exercises you should do, when to do them and how frequently.

Complete health and exercise solutions for every body.

Contact us find out how we can create an inspiring training experience to suit your goals.

By untilising the experience of our partners, from nutritionists, dieticians, physiotherapists, osteopaths and naturopaths etc. We can cater to your specific needs. You can relax knowing you are part of a team, that has the experience to support your journey.



Anthony Marich

Anthony’s technical knowledge enables him to work with physiotherapists and osteopaths assisting client’s rehabilitation from injury.

His experience:

Personal trainer for over 10 years.

I have personally trained 10,000 client sessions.

Training styles include:  Cardiovascular training, plyometrics, calisthenics, resistance training, speed and agility, strength and conditioning, boxing and kickboxing for fitness etc…

Clients have included:

    • Celebrities.
    • Sporting stars.
    • Televsion personalities.
    • Clients fighting cancer.
    • 6 years old to 93 years old.
    • Future Victoria’s Secret model and sports illustrated Swimsuit model.
    • Australia’s biggest Biggest loser contestant 6″8′, 206kgs.
    • Assisted client from 198kgs – 78kgs and has kept it off for 8+ years.

His appreciation for and understanding of people’s bodies has shown that knowledge and how infuse that into clients lives, is what truly makes the difference.

Anthony has boldly and purposefully fused his clients to what best suits them and their body, in an industry that seems to prefer the one size fits all approach.

He thinks every persons body is unique and unless your coach or trainer can truly observe and identify this uniqueness and has the knowledge to address it, the types of exercise and movement you are doing or intend on doing, could be and probably are causing you excessive wearing of your joints and potentially long term pain.

Pain free movement and exercise should be a part of our lives.

Anthony’s life experiences and practices:

    • Meditation daily
    • Trekked the Himalayas.
    • Crossed the Atlantic by yacht.
    • Avid water skier, wake boarder, hang glider pilot, snow skier and snowboarder, tennis and golf player etc.



Anthony’s qualifications in the health and wellness arena include:

    • Qigong (Life energy culitivation) Eastern philosophy
    • HLC1 Chek (Holistic Lifestyle Conditioning Level 1)
    • Rehab Trainer Level 1 (Injury and physical rehabilitation)
    • FMA Level 1 (Force=Mass x Acceleration) Strength and Conditioning
    • Master Trainer Certificate III and IV
    • Boxing and Kickboxing pad pro level 1
    • Senior First Aid
    • ASCA Level 1 (Australian Strength and Conditioning Association) Pending
    • Rehab Trainer Level 2 Pending
    • Diploma of Fitness Pending



Flow Training - By Anthony Marich


90 seconds walk from Bondi Beach


  • Melanie Hawcroft

    Anthony initially prepared me for my wedding. Then helped me back to tennis and snow skiing, whilst managing a few niggling injuries. He has a knack for reading energy levels and is a pleasure to work with!

  • Anthony Yee

    I've been fortunate to train with Anthony for several years and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking at a balanced and personal approach to training regardless of your level.

  • Jerry Yohananov

    I have trained with Anthony for several years and I find him to be professional, personable and motivating. Anthony is very knowledgeable on all aspects of the human body. I would highly recommend him.

  • Frazer Phillips

    During my time with Anthony I learnt a great deal about weight training. He had me lifting lighter weights whilst perfecting my technique and instantly I was noticing results. I have gained strength and size without injury.

  • Michael Cowdroy

    I no longer experience pain during or after training which I used to get. Anthony takes the time to understand my body and its unique biomechanic strengths and weaknesses.

  • Matthew Kaine

    Flow Training is focused on holistic physical training. Training that is right for you as a person, and your body. Incorporating aspects from many disciplines - yoga, Pilates, resistance - to ensure a personalised program that addresses your needs.

  • Clinton Thomas

    Having trained with Anthony for over 5 years, I know he is a master of his trade. He understands that my body had limitations and creates specialised sessions, centred around that.

  • Lina Ragan

    Anthony has so much experience and knowledge in training the human body, which made me feel really safe training with him. He makes sure you reach the results that you want.

  • Geoff Winston

    94 years old

    I have found Anthony to be knowledgeable, understandingly gentle and without causing discomfort of any nature to any injuries being treated. He is able to realise individual personal needs to perfection

  • Bert Danon

    82 years old

    Anthony is attentive and caring. My pain has almost gone and I have had it for a very long time. Thank you Anthony

  • Jennie Ward

    If you want the same old formula, text book knowledge and false flattery, Anthony isn’t for you.

  • Angela Hands

    Anthony is highly skilled in his profession. Not only with his ability to focus on his clients needs but also his ability to understand how each individual thinks, operates and is motivated.

  • Simon Harrison

    Principal, Belle Property

    Anthony has the knowledge and expertise to ensure I am trained safely. As a result, injuries are a thing in my past.

  • Karol Santos

    Professional model

    Anthony has changed my life and training with him was amazing. He taught me how to train and eat the right way. I will be referring him to everyone I know.

  • Jono Casley

    CTO Disrupt Surfing

    'Next Level' Is how I would best describe Ant's training methodologies; Imparting knowledge comprehensively with confidence, I would recommend FT to anyone wishing to attain a deeper understanding of their body mechanics.

  • Beau Jones

    Founder Sobo Image

    I have trained with a large number of coaches and trainers. Training with Anthony is unlike any form of training I have engaged in before. Do yourself a favour and seek him out.

  • Chris Gray

    Leading Property Expert and Television Presenter Sky News

    I would highly recommend Anthony to anyone that enjoys being in capable hands, wants a more efficiently functioning body and a healthier lifestyle.

  • Ian Cornick

    Having trained with Anthony for 5 years. Whether I have an injury that needs attending, or a few kilos to shed, he knows what to do and we get it done. He adjusts the training to suit how I feel.

  • Zoe Bingley-Pullin

    Television Presenter, Channel 9 Good Chef, Bad Chef

    I started training with Anthony 5 years ago, I consider him one of the best trainers in Sydney. He is attentive and encouraging and he is not too bad on the eye, either.











Full diet analysis

    • Advising clear and clean eating for detoxing, alkalising, weight loss and excellent health.

Comprehensive postural assessment

    • Advising what exercises your body is suited to and what to avoid

FlowTempo training

    • Have you moving well, looking your best, and getting you there intelligently and efficiently

Live filming during training sessions for analysis

    • Feedback on how to improve your movements

Complete program design

    • Exercises for home, outdoors or in a gym

Access to our comprehensive list of personally tried and proven allied professionals osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, nutritionists and dieticians.


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