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Creating positive change in the HEALTH and PERFORMANCE of surfers 





The Flow Performance Training mission is to educate, inspire and improve the health and performance of all surfers


We aim to achieve this by providing quality and reliable information which is proven to better your health, increase surfing performance and decrease injury risk



Hi, I'm Ricky!  I am a strength and conditioning coach, sport science researcher and most importantly... a full-time FLOW junkie. My life is structured around chasing flow state experiences from surfing, snowboarding, skating, exercising, reading, writing and learning new skills. My vision for Flow Performance Training is to inspire positive change while sharing happiness, gratitude and passion with my flow seeking clients.

I have completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (Hons) and a Master's in Research (Muscle Physiology) at the University of Queensland.  Career highlights include; working as a Performance Analyst for Cricket Australia, Strength and Conditioning Coach for Snowboarding athletes in Finland and as an Academic Tutor at UQ.

My research background has shaped my evidence-based approach to coaching and athlete development. As a coach, I hold ASCA and AWF accreditations and have worked with a wide variety of athletes in a range of sports including; Surfing, snowboarding, skiing, cricket, tennis, NRL, rugby league and rowing.

I am truly excited to share my knowledge and passions to help you perform at your best and live a healthy, flow filled life!




"Training with Ricky is really motivating since he cheers you in everything you do; it feels like you're training with your best friend! Ricky's coaching is well organised and he always acts in the best interest of the athlete. Ricky is not only a great coach, but also a great person!"

Eveliina Taka

Freestyle Snowboarding

Ricky’s coaching is well organised, versatile and super fun! He uses a wide variety of training modalities, exercises and techniques in each session. Overall, Ricky is one of the best coaches I’ve ever met!

Valtteri Kautonen

Freestyle Snowboarding

"Ricky is a great coach and a great person! He came all the way to Finland to coach new people in a new country and it felt like he was one of us after the first session. He coaches with an open mind and gave us a valuable new perspective on training. The way he approaches new people is great and he is very friendly and easy to talk to"

Kuura Koivisto

Freestyle Skiing 



Strength and Conditioning

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Personal Training

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Surf Fitness Education

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