Surfing Recovery

Make the most of the next long swell window or surf trip by recovering like a pro! The research is clear that nailing the basics has the largest impact on your recovery, so here are the top 3 most important factors!

Rotator Cuff

What is the "Rotator Cuff" The majority of time surfing is spent PADDLING! To improve our paddling performance and reduce the likelihood of injury, we need strong and robust shoulders... and a key factor in this is our rotator cuff

Resistance Band Workout

Low on equipment? Here is a great full-body workout you can do with 1 resistance band! This workout designed to improve surfing specific strength and power for stronger turns and more powerful snaps!

Surfing Core

STOP wasting your time with sit-ups and crunches and START training your core properly! Incorporate these isometric, rotational and anti-rotational exercises into your programs for more transfer to your surfing!

Training Context

The most commonly asked questions by surfers! To understand if a program or exercise is going to be 'good' or 'bad' for us, we need to reflect on our goals and the desired outcomes we want from training. Contextualising these questions will help us choose appropriate exercises and build effective training programs!